Ali comments on Paul Pelosi attack

October 31, 2022 ABC Australia

Javed Ali, ABC Australia: "I would argue, unfortunately, it's a continuation of the same level of threat we have now seen for the last few years, if not longer. And this latest attack is just a manifestation of what I had called a couple years ago, a fifth wave of new-right terrorism here in the United States. And that wave had started probably a decade plus ago. So we have seen time and time again, these individual attacks, like the one unfortunately just from a couple of days ago, small group plots, like the one here in my state of Michigan, with an attempt to kidnap the sitting governor, Gretchen Whitmer, and then things all the way to the other end of the spectrum like January 6th. Now, that was not a coordinated, centralized plot, but still hundreds of people broke the law.  And now, almost 900 have been charged with violating various federal laws. So, we have a very enduring and persistent threat here, it can just take on different characterizations and different aspects."