Ali discusses January 6 committee hearings, domestic terror prosecutions

July 24, 2022

Ford School professor of practice Javed Ali has been analyzing the January 6 Committee hearings, telling CBC, that what had struck him was "the single-minded obsession to explore every official avenue to remain in power by this president and those around him."

In another CBC appearance, Ali noted, "I think the committee has tried to paint the picture that there was this multifaceted campaign that was being directed, or lead, or organized, by the White House to subvert and overturn the 2020 election."   

He also commented on the difficulty of prosecuting domestic terrorism, telling the Arizona Mirror, "The legal framework is very rigid and the bar is very high to even open an investigation,” regarding investigating extremism, adding that a person can’t be investigated solely because of their extreme ideology. 

“There are people who are very deliberately getting right up to that line and knowing where they can’t cross it,” Ali said. “I think the FBI is having a challenge on domestic terrorism.”