Ali on the impact of Ukraine acquiring air defense system

December 22, 2022 TRT World

Javed Ali, TRT World: "It sounds like President Zelenskyy will get some of what he had requested previously from the U.S. government, including this one Patriot air defense system. But it’s only one system, and one system alone is not going to overnight turn the tide of Ukraine’s air defense or capabilities to shoot down Russian rockets or airplanes. It’ll have a small impact, but it won’t be a game changer unless several of these systems are deployed. Not only is there the transfer of the equipment, but then the Ukrainians have to be trained on how to use them and that takes time as well. So none of this is going to happen overnight, and even with the one system going forward, it will be effective but only in a limited way because it can’t cover large swaths of territory."