Ali: U.S. intelligence-sharing with Ukraine poses potential risks

May 9, 2022 The Cipher Brief

The U.S. and allies have declassified and shared intelligence with Ukrainian authorities over the past months of the war with Russia. Associate professor of practice Javed Ali, a former senior director for counterterrorism at the National Security Council, notes the benefits that information has given to the Ukrainians, but warns that intelligence-sharing efforts need to be callibrated and coordinated.

"On balance, the rapid and broad nature of intelligence-sharing by the United States and the West to support and enable Ukraine’s fight against Russia is a worthwhile cause and appears to have helped Ukraine mount an effective resistance.  But these efforts do not come without risk and taking steps to mitigate against the loss of intelligence collection or how the disclosures are impacting Putin’s decision-making calculus will be important considerations going forward," he writes in The Cipher Brief