Bednar emphasizes role of abortion rights in MI gubernatorial race

September 29, 2022 NPR: The Takeaway

The national spotlight is on Michigan's gubernatorial election, which will effectively decide the future of reproductive rights in the state. Jenna Bednar, professor of public policy and political science, discussed how both parties are strategically using abortion rights to mobilize voters.

"Tudor Dixon tweeted out, 'Well with this ballot measure, you can go ahead and support abortion rights and support me.' And, that’s certainly a little bit confusing given how firmly she has stated her opposition to abortion, but she is trying to introduce some complexity into the way people are approaching their voting this fall," Bednar said. "I really think that right now, both sides are trying to play with how do we affect turnout, how do we affect who turns out and how do we encourage some people perhaps to stay home. And given that abortion seems to be such a mobilizing issue, trying to find ways of causing people to stay home and not participate is probably a strategy on the Republican side."