Biegun: Pretending we're not at war with Russia has real risks

August 7, 2022 The Detroit News

Visiting policy practitioner with the Weiser Diplomacy Center Stephen Biegun wrote in The Detroit News that “the United States and the Russian Federation are at war.”

“There is a dangerous disconnect among American leaders and the American public. More than us simply supporting Ukraine against an invasion from Russia, we have not understood that we, too, are at war with Russia. Incidentally, that is a view shared by Putin, and perhaps it was his view even before Feb. 24,” he wrote.  

“There are many imminent and near crises in the world that could once more find America in a larger, even world war. All efforts should be made through diplomacy and other peaceful means to resolve these disputes. But deterrence and preparation for the worst case are also urgent,” he urged.