El-Sayed dives into the evolution of misinformation

November 1, 2022 America Dissected

Abdul El-Sayed, America Dissected: "Today, millions of Americans have yet to receive a first dose of a safe, effective vaccine that has saved millions of lives, all because they’ve been victims of the virality of information. And that leaves them exposed to become victims of the virus itself. And what all of this reminds us is that it’s not enough to know the truth. One has to be able to communicate it too. And that’s gotten a lot more complex over time, because no longer are we just communicating into a blank canvas of a public waiting to be informed. We’re communicating into a media ecosystem that has already been smudged over with mis-, dis- and mal information many times over. It forces those of us who talk about these things to be a lot smarter about the way we talk. But it also forces all of us to be a lot smarter about what and how we consume information."