El-Sayed on why 2022 election is critical

October 20, 2022 Detroit Public TV

Abdul El-Sayed, Detroit Public TV: "This is a critical election. I know people are tired of hearing, 'This is the most important election in our lifetimes,' well unfortunately it somewhat is. And the reason why is democracy itself, the ability to self-govern, feels very much on the line. We cannot forget the context of this. In 2020, an election was contested, and so far it was the first election in American history where an outgoing president who lost the election denied that outcome. And right now we are in the thralls of a conversation about whether or not that ought to be the way we choose our leadership. There are a lot of other folks who are lining up and running for offices, whether statewide or local, who believe that the election was not fairly contested, despite all evidence suggesting that in fact, this was the safest, most secure election we've ever had."