Farley breaks down 2020 Census

April 13, 2022

Last week, the city of Detroit filed a claim with the Census Bureau, arguing its residents were undercounted in 2020. Ford School lecturer Reynolds Farley discussed the undercount. 

“This census was deficient in Detroit,” he said. “They didn’t plan well in Detroit."

In other areas of the state, the Census revealed that populations are dipping. Farley blamed this on an increased death rate and lower birth rate, lack of jobs, and more. He provided some insight on how this dip in population could be reversed.

“It’s the standard approach of almost every state,” Farley said. “For Michigan to have a sustained increase in population, I think it’s a question of attracting migrants from around the U.S. and attracting more migrants from abroad, and that typically hinges on having employment options.”

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