Hall analyzes gubernatorial debate

October 26, 2022 Newsweek

Richard Hall, Newsweek: "I don't think anyone can predict the odds based on that polling with much confidence—estimating support for candidates is a lot easier than predicting whose supporters will turn out. New registrations and absentee ballots are up, which is historically better for Democrats, but the world has changed. This is the first post-pandemic, post-Jan. 6, post-Roe general election. In Michigan, a reproductive rights proposition is on the ballot; that will help turn out Democratic voters. Whitmer's policies during the early months of the pandemic angered a lot of Michiganders, which could boost Republican turnout. Inflation is high and Biden is unpopular, which will dampen Democratic enthusiasm, but the Republican Party candidates in Michigan, and Dixon in particular, have tied themselves to Trump and his election conspiracy theories."