Hills promotes Michigan for early 2024 primary spot

June 20, 2022 The Detroit News

State political parties across the United States are vying to host early primary contests in the next presidential election cycle. Former Michigan Republican Party Chair, and Ford School lecturer, Rusty Hills, says Michigan should be a top contender.

He and fellow former GOP chair Saul Anuzis and Rusty Hills sent a joint letter to the Democratic National Committee's Rules and Bylaws Committee, which is weighing applications from Michigan and 16 other state parties competing for one of the coveted five early spots in 2024.

"Simply put, Michigan is America, and America is Michigan. It is the best place for candidates of any political stripe to sharpen their campaigns, talk to voters from both sides of the aisle, and ensure the American people can hear a robust, respectful debate," Anuzis and Hills wrote.