Schwarz and Hills comment on Kellogg HQ move

June 26, 2022

Kellogg Company announced plans to split into three separate companies focused on cereal, plant-based foods and snacks, with the snacks company moving headquarters from Battle Creek to Chicago. The other divisions will remain based in Michigan.

Ford School lecturer, former congressman, and former Battle Creek Mayor Joe Schwarz told Michigan's Big Show that the company already had many administrative functions in Chicago, so the effect of the announcement was uncertain. "As a lifelong citizen of Battle Creek, and of Michigan, I am always concerned for my community when anything moves out. But the devil will be in the detail which I haven't seen yet."

Speaking to the same program, Ford School lecturer Rusty Hills said it's always bad news to lose a headquarters to another state, especially one as iconic as Kellogg. "We need a growth agenda. We need a plan to bring more people and jobs to the state of Michigan," he commented.  

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