Stevenson breaks down inflation's causes on 'Face the Nation'

October 19, 2022

As inflation continues to rise, voters are getting more and more worried about the economy. To alleviate some of that concern, Betsey Stevenson, professor of public policy and economics, provided her expertise on CBS News: Face the Nation.

"It is hard to know how much worse it will get because what people really care about are things like energy prices, where things are really volatile. I think what economists are really worried about is, when we strip out those volatile food and energy prices and we look underneath that core inflation — and that’s the stuff that’s hard to bring down. And when that hit 6.6%, I think that made people really worried about how long that will last," Stevenson said. "I don’t think we have to worry, though, that it’s going to go much above where it currently is, which is that 6.6% as the core underlying inflation. We have to be worried that it’s stuck there."