Supreme Court reform is complex but achievable - El-Sayed

July 23, 2022 Detroit Metro Times

"The Supreme Court has arrogated itself over the other branches of government — and trampled the rights of Americans. It’s time to fix that," Ford School Towsley Foundation Policymaker in Residence Abdul El-Sayed writes in Detroit Metro Times.  

He examines the various options for Supreme Court reform, including court expansion, limiting jurisdiction, creating term limits, or impeachment, all of which have fundamental flaws. He argues that the Court's "supremacy exists in its ability to operate when political power is divided. All of this forces us to work to forge a new consensus about the role of the Supreme Court vis-a-vis the rights of the people in a democratic society. It requires us to do the political work or negotiating and renegotiating what the power of the institution ought to be."