Tumult in GOP gubernatorial nomination process may cast doubt on elections for some, Hanson says

June 12, 2022 WXYZ

Several of the candidates who were disqualified from the race for the Republican gubernatorial nomination in Michigan because of fling petition discrepancies say they will continue to fight. Former Detroit Police Chief James Craig will run as a write-in candidate, while Perry Johnson, the other front-runner, has filed a federal lawsuit demanding the printing of the ballots stop, and Donna Brandenburg says her campaign will also be filing a federal lawsuit. 

Ford School lecturer Jonathan Hanson told WXYZ that the whole process may sour some voters. 

“I think all the discord and chaos around the nomination leaves people with a bad taste in their mouth," he said. Hanson said the tumultuous process could be casting doubt into people who are already distrusting of US elections which could result in fewer people showing up to the polls, and added that nothing happening in American politics right now is normal so it still could be anyone’s race.