Ali remembers heroes who defended against January 6 insurrection

January 6, 2023 CBC

Javed Ali, CBC: "I expect to hear President Biden say some things that coincide with my own sense of reflection. So hopefully what we'll hear from President Biden is remembrance of the heroism and patriotism of the law enforcement officers and other first responders who had to hold back the insurrection and keep the electoral college process safe and keep the members of Congress safe as they were going about that part of their day. I expect him to also recognize the people who have died as a result of either injuries sustained from January 6th or there were a couple of officers who actually took their own lives shortly after Jaunary 6th. I also expect him to talk about how his administration, unlike any other administration in recent memory or probably ever, has really tried to tackle this issue of domestic extremism and domestic terrorism. And the Biden administration, going back now almost a year and a half ago, put out a national strategy on that and they're in the midst of implementing that strategy."