Childcare is a societal issue - Stevenson

January 10, 2023 Care for Business

Betsey Stevenson, Care for Business: "It drives me crazy when I hear people describe (childcare) as a personal problem. It’s so many uniquely American, right? ... The inflation we’re facing right now has nothing to do with money, and has everything to do with people wanting to buy more stuff, more goods, and services than we can possibly make. That’s what inflation is. We make a bunch of stuff, we have a bunch of workers available, and if people want more than that, it was going to get bid up. And so we don’t have a next generation, your money’s not going to help you, because everybody’s going to be trying to find the workers that don’t exist. What we need to be in a sort of stable society, whereas you’re aging out of something, somebody else is coming into it. So, maybe people will come to appreciate what it means to invest in a  society."