Leiser and Shaefer comment on Detroit bankruptcy anniversary

July 18, 2023

As the city of Detroit marked the 10th anniversary of its declaration of bankruptcy, publications took stock of the progress the city has made.

Bloomberg quoted the Center for Local, State and Urban Policy’s (CLOSUP) Stephanie Leiser, who leads the Michigan Local Government Fiscal Health Project. “The city has really done a lot to tackle what it can control.” But it has continued to grapple with efforts to boost growth and the loss of what she called the prime working-age population as families move out seeking better schools and services, the article states. 

“They’re doing what they can,” Leiser said. “But there’s a ways to go.” 

An article in the Detroit Free Press examined many aspects of the city’s recovery. Luke Shaefer, director of Poverty Solutions, looked at the progress made in households moving out of poverty. 

"This is real success. That's transformational."

What has worked?

"I just think there is a lot of positive momentum in the city in terms of coming together and practically solving the problems that we have," Shaefer said. "Give credit to the (Duggan) administration for putting a major focus on jobs in the city."

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