Stevenson breaks down new GDP numbers

January 26, 2023 MSNBC

Betsey Stevenson, MSNBC: "I think what we have learned is that when we give families and people enough money, to mean that we don't have a bunch of people who are at risk of eviction, losing their house, not putting food on the table, it gives them a lot of room to budget, to smooth over time and to make sure that we don't have the big drops that come as the economy starts to change. What really has been an economy that's been quite strong, continuing to add jobs, continuing to grow, and with consumer spending staying strong despite the fact that that government support has been removed gradually, but it's all gone now. And then we've also seen the fact that interest rates are going up, prices are going up, so there's a lot of headwinds that people are facing. But I think we gave people enough of a  buffer that we're continuing to see them spend and that's certainly what we're seeing in those GDP numbers today."