Stevenson discusses trade-offs of inflation

February 5, 2023 NPR

Betsey Stevenson, NPR: "The thing about inflation is it hurts us all a little 'cause it's terrible, right? You go to the store, and we're all talking about the price of eggs. We feel it. We feel rents going up and food prices going up, but, you know, what really stinks is when you're afraid you're going to lose your job, and you're not going to have any income coming in maybe for several months. And those are people who potentially lose their homes, can't feed their children, can't feed themselves—those are real devastating outcomes. So what Biden has to try to do is convince people, 'Look. We're coming out of the worst pandemic, and we've managed to do it with just a few bumps in the road. And yes, those bumps in the road hurt us all a little bit, but we're going to get to a full and complete recovery with much less pain than we could have had.'"