Abortion pill case before the Supreme Court: Ford School expert can discuss

March 22, 2024

Paula Lantz, the James B. Hudak Professor of Health Policy at the Ford School of Public Policy, is a social demographer/social epidemiologist who studies the role of public policy in improving population health and reducing social disparities in health. She is engaged in research regarding abortion policy, housing policy and on how COVID-19 continues to exacerbate existing social, economic and health inequities in the U.S.

“The Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine maintains the core legal issue is that the FDA ignored evidence regarding the risks of mifepristone in its regulatory decisions in an arbitrary and capricious manner,” Lantz said. “The truth is, however, that this SCOTUS case is about the politics of abortion and the misrepresentation of sloppy science.

“The three studies raising concerns about the safety of mifepristone that informed lower court decisions have since been shown to be flawed, misleading and biased, and were all retracted. Over 100 other studies across multiple countries demonstrate that mifepristone is safe in early pregnancy including when prescribed via telemedicine.”

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A Michigan News alert also lists others at the University of Michigan who can comment. See the original advisory here.

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Paula Lantz

BA Program Director; James B. Hudak Professor of Health Policy; Professor of Public Policy and Health Management & Policy; University Diversity and Social Transformation Professor

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735 S. State St. #4125
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