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Grade inflation can cause real harm according to Courant

Aug 4, 2020
"Everybody's grades are getting better every year," according to Paul Courant, Ford School professor. "When I went to college, a B+ average was considered to be quite good. Now in many places, it's not seen that way." Grade inflation prevents a...

New BA minor opens policy education to more U-M students

Dec 10, 2019
Starting fall 2020, the Ford School will offer University of Michigan undergraduates a 16-credit minor in public policy.  The minor will have a competitive application process that will go live in April 2020. The school expects to enroll around...

Academic and career supports

All BA, master's, and PhD students are encouraged to connect with staff on the Student and Academic Services team for support and academic planning. Advisors are equipped to help students navigate resources at the Ford School and across the...