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Farley explains decrease in Michigan population

Aug 16, 2021 Michigan Radio
The state of Michigan has again seen a population decrease following the release of the 2020 census, resulting in a loss of another congressional district. Reynolds Farley, research scientist at the Population Studies Center and a lecturer at the...

Anti-globalization is "bad news for the U.S. auto industry"

Jul 8, 2014
"It looks as if U.S. auto manufacturers have finally gone global," Marina v.N. Whitman writes in "Globalization is, finally, working in Michigan's best interest," a June 27 op-ed in the Detroit Free Press. "In the first quarter of this year, General...

GM penny-wise and pound-foolish says Marina v.N. Whitman

Apr 2, 2014
In an interview with reporters, Marina v.N. Whitman, once the highest ranking female executive in the auto industry and a former vice president and group executive at General Motors, discusses the company's lengthy delay in recalling cars with...

"Bush Signs Loan Package For Troubled Automakers"

Oct 1, 2008
President Bush signed into law Tuesday a mammoth spending bill to keep the government running until early March 2009. The measure includes a $25 billion loan package for troubled automakers. Marina Whitman, professor of business administration and...