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The Internship Search Group

Apr 24, 2019 0:03:49

Five MPP students reflect on their experiences working with Internship Search Groups and how the commitment of the groups kept them accountable to do the work required to successfully find a summer internship.

Internship Advice

Apr 24, 2019 0:04:28

GCS Student Engagement Coordinator Claire Davidson sits down to talk through a handful of ways students can make the most of the summer internships between their first and second years of the MPP program

Internship Requirements

Apr 24, 2019 0:01:49

GCS Employee Relations Manager Casey Sullens breaks down the requirements for the MPP student internship experience, from criteria the internship itself has to meet to the work the student must accomplish.&nb

Max Gigle’s Internship Experience

Apr 24, 2019 0:02:03

MPP student Max Gigle recounts his internship experience at the Rhode Island Office of Innovation, where he developed an infrastructure for the state government’s websites.

Paola Guerra Guevara’s Internship Experience

Apr 24, 2019 0:02:37

MPP student Paola Guerra details her summer internship experience at NGO Vision Democratica in Washington D.C., where she organized the first Venezuelan Diaspora event in the NGO’s history.

Rachelle Mehdi’s Internship Experience

Apr 24, 2019 0:01:41

MPP student Rachelle Mehdi explains her summer internship experience at the U.S. Executive Director’s Office at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, which took place abroad.