Chris Myers

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Chris Myers

Assistant Director of Digital Strategy, Communications & Outreach
Digital project manager, social media whisperer, developer, educator, and advanced applications of technologies. I look for opportunities to apply technologies to increase communication, engagement, and distribution of information to provide better results for end users.

Ford School's Chris Myers smashes, fixes combines

Jul 24, 2023
Chris Myers spent many summers working on a vegetable farm growing up in northwest Ohio, so he’s familiar with large farming equipment. But even he was perplexed when he heard about a combine demolition derby at the Erie County Fair in Sandusky,...

Ford School launches new website

Aug 31, 2020
Just in time for the beginning of the fall 2020 semester, the Ford School launched its new website, providing the school with an inviting and modern look, a streamlined architecture, and a major technological upgrade.   “We wanted to have a site...