Engaged Learning

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Engaged learning

An applied approach to public service We believe that interactions with people and organizations outside of U-M who are actively working on—and have the capacity for changing—public policy helps prepare our students to become leaders in service...

PCLP & Detroit Hives: An Engaged Learning Project in Detroit

Feb 18, 2020 0:02:34

Students conducted relevant policy research, engaged with the community, and provided recommendations to aid with current legislative initiatives for non-profilt Detroit Hives as part of their Practical Community Learning Project (PCLP)..

Strategic Consulting: Engage in Real-World Impact

Aug 8, 2019 0:01:52

Strategic Consulting (PubPol 578) is a semester-long Master’s level course at the Ford School that engages students in a supervised consulting project with a real-world client and provides them with a valuable, engaging educational and professiona