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UK-EU trade deal will slow auto trade - Deardorff

Dec 29, 2020 Detroit News
"If nothing else, it will slow down the trade," Deardorff tells the Detroit News. "It's going to take longer for everything to move across the border."  You can read the article...
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Deardorff comments on trans-Pacific trade

Nov 27, 2020 Detroit News
Biden may want to join the TPP agreement, said Deardorff. But "he probably knows from the experience of it being negotiated, it's not going be an easy thing to do." Read the full article in the Detroit...

“Promise Kept” on Trump tariff threat - Deardorff

Jul 20, 2020
Alan Deardorff, Ford School professor and one of the world’s leading experts on international trade policy, was referenced in a Politifact “Trump-O-Meter” fact-check of Trump Administration policy promises.   The stated policy: “Any country that...

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): A Panel Discussion

Nov 10, 2016, 4:00-5:30 pm EST
Annenberg Auditorium Weill Hall
Consideration of the the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement has been postponed until after the election, when it may come up for a vote in Congress. Ford School Professor Alan Deardorff will moderate this two-person panel on the pros and cons of the TPP.
Ford School
PubPol 541

PubPol 541: International Trade Policy

Alan Deardorff
Tuesday, Thursday
Fall 2021
8:30-9:50 am EST

This course examines the policy issues of international trade, including trade in both goods and services and also international flows of direct investment and migration.


PUBPOL 541: International Trade Policy

Alan Deardorff
Tuesday, Thursday
Fall 2020
8:30-9:50 am EST

This course deals with the economics of international trade policy, most obviously tariffs on imports but also a variety of non-tariff barriers and other policies that impact international trade.  The topic has increased in importance under Presid