Qualitative analysis

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Meet our new faculty: Devin Judge-Lord

Sep 14, 2023
Political scientist Devin Judge-Lord focuses on how public pressure campaigns affect agency rulemaking, especially those concerning climate and environmental justice issues. He also researches legislator behavior and capacity, the role of money in...

Celeste Watkins-Hayes takes a people-centered research approach

Jan 4, 2021
New Ford School sociologist Celeste Watkins-Hayes works at the intersection of inequality, public policy, and institutions, with a special focus on urban poverty and race, class, and gender studies. Her most recent book Remaking a Life: How Women...
PubPol 633

PubPol 633: Qualitative Methods

Shobita Parthasarathy
This course serves as an introduction to qualitative methods. While we will examine a range of qualitative methodological approaches, the course's core focus will be on the case study method, with special emphasis on observational and...