Sights and Sounds: 3rd Annual Gramlich Showcase of Student Work

March 17, 2010 0:01:48
Kaltura Video

A snapshot of some of the projects, sights, and sounds from the 3rd Annual Gramlich Showcase of Student Work. March, 2010.


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>> Hey guys.
>> I'm Caroline Lye [phonetic]. And I'm a first year in the MPP program. The tone of my research is health implications of energy policy in sub-Saharan Africa and China.
>> My name is Jennifer Williams. And the title of my project is, "The End of an Era: The case of public housing in Atlanta."
>> I am Jonathon Newman. This is Shelly Rosenberg and Donnie Wood. And our title of our project is the "Battle Over Navy Sonar Use and Marine Mammal Safety." I need to do that again. 
>> My name is Jessica Goldberg. And the title of the paper is the "The Supply of Casual Wage Labor in Rural Malawi."
>> [Inaudible] and Jonathon [inaudible], and I am [Inaudible]. The name of the project is "Hypothetical Analysis on Minimum Price Application in the European Union [inaudible] Case."
>> My name is Ilesha [phonetic] Lasameual. I'm a B.A. I'm class of 2010. And the title of my project is "A Tale of Two States: Provider Taxes in Minnesota and Michigan."
>> My name is Tom Povaniam [phonetic]. I am a B.A. student here at the Ford School. The title of my project is "Appeasing the Xenophobes: The impact of political patronage on Italian [inaudible] immigration policy."
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