Our experiences at the Ford School

December 9, 2016 0:02:55
Kaltura Video

Considering a Masters of Public Policy? Now is the time - and the University of Michigan's Ford School is the place.


I took the hoard because of
the perfect total package for

me I really what I want to read so
I really wanted to have a community

here so much about your choice of grad
project will is what you're learning with

Alongside that I visited my school and
the 4th with me HOW to

a really unique special place where you
are is really like a large family and

that was very silly me I have lifelong
friend I actually met my husband

graduates ago also what more can I say and
our daughter goes here.

And it was just to see a great
really supportive I also love

the diversity I thought it was incredibly
inclusive of all types no matter where you

came from which is a little bit different
than my east coast undergrad experience so

I really I really like that I think
sport is very collaborative I really

appreciate it's not competitive I think
because we're all interested in different

types of policy and we're all looking for
different types of jobs afterwards and

we're all coming from different
backgrounds some students had a strong

quantitative background others were
bringing more qualitative experiences

in interest was a really nice mix and
you got to benefit from all of those

as a student it is certainly especially
in students studying public policy

Michigan is a really interesting place to
study policy because you have the city of

Detroit which is feeling a lot of
governance and fiscal issues and poverty.

And then you indeed you're based in this
town an Arbor which is just incredible and

has tons of resources so it's a very
interesting place to study policy and

think about these issues I just
remember just immediately and

you know making friends very quickly.

With these people who all
cared about the same and

just whatever their is issue area was
were really passionate about it and

wanted to kind of improve the world and
make change in you know a lot of

board school people state my
closest friends and my years that.