José J. Lujano: 2019 Ford School Commencement

May 4, 2019 0:07:54
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José J. Lujano, student speaker elected by the MPP/MPA class of 2019, speaks during the 2019 Ford School Commencement. 


The Master's classes of 2019
elected Jose Javier the HANO

to speak on their behalf Jose earned.

Thank you I'm.

Jose earned his dual undergraduate degrees
in political science in sociology from

Santa Clara University after college
he worked as a policy analyst for

the mayor of San Jose California on his
election campaign he had served as a field

organizer last summer Jose worked in D.C.
as a research assistant

with the Obama Foundation's my brother
keep my Brother's Keeper Alliance

a broader Johnson sitting here I
think had something to do that.

He's completed internships in the U.S.

House of Representatives and abroad for
the U.K.'s Labor Party here at

the ford school who's a service diversity
officer for the Student Affairs Council or

graduate student leadership group
has a plan to put his skills and

education to work in the public sector
finding ways to end homelessness and

build inclusive communities has a it's
an honor to welcome you to the podium.

Thank you.

Thank you good afternoon
everyone when I started this.

I am honored by the opportunity
to speak before you today and

this cannot get over this
is coming from media yet

does my stuff I mean yes that's but I sent
this U.K.'s case to an import Life Streams

silos he asked yes I'd like to tell
you a story about a remarkable woman.

Her story starts about 800 miles away
in the Northern Mexico town of the kind

of plan good angle make equal it was
there that also the oldest girl of 4

was born in 1981 but like any child her
age followed her family where they went

from the ranch to small town to the big
city they eventually made it to the border

town of the one where despite competing
interests she became the 1st in her family

to complete compulsory education the one
I was where she went to school but

in my mom's story it was just a stopping
point on the journey northward

you see my grandfather 1st came to
the United States through the but

I set off migrant farm worker program and
it was here in the state of Michigan that

he was 1st inspired to immigrate My mom
grew up hearing stories of opportunity in

faraway places like California or
Washington as a child

she dreamed of one day on her own home
having a fulfilling job that provided for

her family perhaps even the flexibility
to take her family on a small

vacation her American dream she
strived to reach great heights

sometimes falling short because
of family necessity but

she never gave up on the belief that
better times were around the corner while

going through any difficult time she would
always say as is often said in that angle

put up by lending never look back
always hold your head up high as a kid

my Mom's Journey to the United States was
simply a story about a time gone by but

now as an adult I can fully appreciate
the magnitude of a young 19 year old woman

sacrifice in search of opportunity
to say yes to the prospect

of risking one's life because
the alternative is simply unacceptable

while deeply saddening also brings
to bear the notion of hope and

vision enough to counterbalance
the risk to one's life.

Coming to America was never simply about
it being better than the alternative

it was about opportunity and
vision we are all in a pursuit for

opportunity of some kind each of us
chose to pursue a path of public policy

this path brought us each to Michigan
like many of you I chose to pursue public

policy to help my community and figure
out ways to tackle the most vexing issues

like homelessness and access to affordable
housing because these problems in

issues we often do made debate amongst
ourselves are not just outcomes and

measurements they are true stories
about real people like you and me and

together they comprise the communities
we represent as masters of public

policy we are empowered to take the tools
we learned in and out of while Hall and

make with them communities we can be
proud of communities that welcome

all who dare to come and make it
possible to achieve one streams and

create boundless opportunities for
those that come after

I certainly won't be the last to
tell you that times are tough for

too many of us across the board it seems
that the machinations occurring in

the head of the current occupant of the
White House stand to test our resolve and

seek to further divide and
marginalize rather than uplift and

empower we know this we talk about it but

despite this present reality I'm so
hopeful now more than ever

about all the good each one of us will do
once we walk out of those doors as masters

of public policy together we've had
difficult dialogues about the direction

our country is going and
where we go from here

what began in the classroom and
eventually made its way to 40 parties and

tailgates will soon fact find
itself cast into the spotlight

as each one of us embarks
on our careers and

makes good on the work that began here
our search for opportunity doesn't end

with this major accomplishment rather
it is only to get only beginning.

Whether here in Michigan or wherever you
choose to make it home let's continue to

seek opportunities to make our homes
better for everyone it was because

of a young woman's daring search for
opportunity that I can stand before you

here today the kid from east on
plus a that dared to dream big and

say yes to a once in a lifetime
opportunity to tell my community story and

through that to be able to tell my
story here today to my peers I say

thank you thank you for making this the
greatest college experience of my life and

for the 40 family that I can now proudly
claim as my own it was an all parties late

night homework and trips to presell bell
we often came together to celebrate but

if necessary we supported each
other through the difficult times

you the students are the real reason
we are the top public policy school in

the country to this institution
which 1 March morning unexpectedly

sent me the best news I have ever gotten
that they wanted to invest in me and

my growth I say thank you thank you for
providing students from all walks of

life the opportunity to study
in value public policy so

that we may be better stewards
of our communities everywhere

to my mom you will forever be my hero and
the reason I am

here today while I know you are not
physically here today every single

day that I can claim to be a graduate of
the University of Michigan I owe to you.



To all of you I thank you
every single one of you.

Thank you was a


if you so much thank you.