Lynn Vendinello: Students Can Follow in Your Footsteps

January 15, 2019 0:00:44
Kaltura Video

Hear from alumna Lynn Vendinello (MPP '89) on the importance of giving and the lasting, positive impact you can have on current students.


I know it sounds trite
that no gift is too small,

but I really do believe that
what we're going for with

the fund this year is just to get

the highest amount of
participation as possible.

And really what it's
saying is it's saying,

thank you Ford School.

Thank you for what you gave me.

Thank you for helping me
be the person than I am.

And then it's enabling
students that are here to

follow in your
footsteps and maybe

land that internship in D.C.,

which is very expensive.

And they'll be able to do it
and they'll be able to see

you as their mentor and
follow in your footsteps.

So whatever you can

give to just say
thank you Ford School,

thank you for being there for me.