Making the most out of the D.C. Graduate Student Career Exploration Trip

January 16, 2019 0:01:41
Kaltura Video

Kristina Kaupa and Morgan Beeler discuss their experiences and tips on how to make the most of your Graduate Student Career Exploration Trip to D.C..


Reduce the trip was a great opportunity
to be able to network with alumni and

learn about experiences opportunities
that they've had in Washington D.C. and

opportunities that might be there for
you moving forward with an internship or

a job or
just generally broadening their for

the community and work over the course
of a day and a half really but today's

students are attending panels on all sorts
of different topics policy areas and

interests that we have alumni working
in currently so for myself that was

navigating leadership in nonprofit careers
and social policy jobs on the health but

then also Friday afternoon we have
the opportunity to use our properties and

networking events with alumni or
connections in D.C.

that are facilitated both
the graduate career services and

your own network your work will even if
you're not sure you want to end up in D.C.

or do a career in D.C. Go and check it out
go talk to a lot of guy there read up on

the panelists that are going to be there
I think as to the purpose of the teacher

in a couple different ways
affecting their students side

the president just an information
gathering phase where you

go to have many channels possibly can or
set of informational interviews

to get a time of what opportunities there
are and what that works there and so

I'm not offended I think it's good to just
walk into the teacher with an open mind

a really great chance an opportunity to be
exposed to things that you maybe had been

thinking about but weren't aware of in
their full breadth or context if you do

have an opportunity to schedule a one
on one meeting with either an alumni or

someone in an organization that
you're really interested in and

going to be there for 2 days so try to
get as much out of the experience as you

possibly can in another.