Policy concentrations: Strengthening the MPP degree skillset

December 9, 2019 0:01:56
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Master of Public Policy (#MPP) students now have an opportunity to declare a concentration in one of five policy areas. Learn more: http://myumi.ch/qgX10


I'm Paula Lantz, the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

A lot of our students want to develop really deep expertise in a specific policy area—and

that's why we've launched our five new policy concentrations.

I'm the faculty lead for our International Policy concentration.

I lead the Non-Profit & Public Management concentration.

I lead a concentration in Public Policy Analysis Methods.

I'm pleased to be the faculty lead for the Social Policy concentration.

I work on development, international development.

The Ford School is an amazing place to work on these issues and to learn how to be a professional,

a researcher, someone who makes things happen.

The new concentration option is a way to engage deeply with the issues that you care about.

I'm excited about working with students who are in the concentrations to help them craft

very well-tailored programs of study.

Expanding on your classroom experience and giving you a really deep understanding of

these crucial issues in the world today.

The University of Michigan is a very big university with 19 schools and colleges.

The concentration allows students to take a variety of courses—from economics, political

science, public health—to earn their concentrations and really expand the educational experience

that they're having here in Ann Arbor.