Work|Force - Video 1: Solving for Jobs, Mobility, & Poverty in an Era of Rapid Change

March 26, 2019 0:45:25
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Shamar Herron, Deputy Director of Michigan Works! Southeast, leads a discussion with providers and participants on the front lines of workforce development about what works and what doesn’t. Panelists included Jonathan Gonzalez, Arielle Johnson, Coy Mosley and Beulah Walker.


So I'd like to take a minute or 2 and enter do some myself and then I'm going to do the same for my lovely panel here my name is from our air I am the deputy director of Michigan Works southeast we are your local workforce agency we cover 5 counties which includes of course Washington are counted but we also cover Jackson Hillsdale in a way in Livingston County east we provide everything from an entry level position all the way over to helping our business community fill those positions and train up staff so that they can move on and create more intrigue level positions right so this is a time where we're seeing very very low unemployment rates that is but then we are seeing an entire subset of people who are not engaged in the workforce so our job is to now start to get creative Our job is not to sit back and wait on the days where we had a lot of people waiting outside to come into our service centers we are starting to go out to community centers I am really tossing the idea of going out where I think people congregate which also could be a barber shop are places of faith.
Beauty Salon there are places where folks are at and they are interested in being employed but how do we get the word out to them so when you think about robots you think about coal bots you think about technology that is the size of a speck of dust How do we start to go out and help people understand that the human element will never go away.
So I think all of us can agree it's an interesting time to be in where everything is heading towards an autonomous approach we have all sorts of data analytics that can tell us just about any piece of information we want to know but we still have yet to conquer the human mind and what does motivation look like and how do we prepare those who have sort of disengaged themselves from a process that I'm firmly a part of so it looks like we're doing some resetting here and you know I said I was going to get this joke and I don't want to do it because.
You know I have my nerves come because I'm in enemy territory so some of you know this some of you don't know this I am a Buckeye.
See there's always one or 2 of us in the room so be careful All right folks so I'd like to take a 2nd it and enter do so our panel is I think we may have one more coming up.
But in the meantime I'd like to introduce John a thinkin Salis.
Jonathan is a graduate of Sarah metro Detroit use they'll program he completed an asbestos training and certification and is currently a full time student attending every for community college he has aspirations to complete a law degree and work in politics Jonathan you ready for that oh yeah I'm definitely ready I'll run well welcome all right next we have Ariel Johnson she is the founder and C.E.O. of fierce empowerment and fierce staffing.
Areal Johnson received her B.A. and hospitality business from the school of hospitality at Michigan State University so your enemy's enemy is your friend yeah.
Growing her 2nd year of college Johnson made a mother became a mother excuse me and wanted to pay for it to support she received she founded fear switch they asked for female icons encouraging real concepts of empowerment a 5 A one c 3 nonprofit organization in an effort to combine her love for the community with her passion for the hospitality industry Johnson launched fierce staffing hospitality social enterprise with a special commitment to Workforce Development fear staffing provide Staffing Solutions for hospitality business owners and major event producers as well as work opportunities for those in the community that are often forgotten fear staffing pays off staff a minimum of $14.00 an hour which is what a belief to be a true livable wage so that's phenomenal work that you do an area and I hear some snap school and a lot of people I'm up so as we go through the session or through all this panel if you agree with something you can step it up for sure you can clap we won't get so spiritual where we'll shout but.
We do encourage encourage women OK All right so next I have to give it up to my classmate.
We won't tell you what year that class was but let's say we graduated together from one of the finest high schools in the city of Detroit which is part of the high school right it's a few of us and there are I have heard it.
So Coy Mosely director of Human Resources at the Empowerment Plan.
Point Mosley is a mother mentor mentee and advocate she is fueled by her passion to make a difference and help others is active in her community and known for her generosity and servant leadership.
Has 20 years of experience in human resources so she started when she was a freshman in high school.
Has 20 years of experience in human resources serving earning excuse me several degrees and certifications management strategic management and nonprofit management her experience includes 13 years a nonprofit and 5 years in local government or believes she is now in a role that marries her passion and expertise she currently serves as director of H.R. for the Empowerment Plan.
Mission is to end the cycle of generational homelessness through employment as H.R. director for a nonprofit organization with the unique employment motto Oyez heavily involved in the career advancement department so luckily you love our You are welcome thank you walkers a graduate of Sarah metro Detroit bridge to Career Opportunities Program and is purley working for TIME for local 1191 she is also a registered Apprentice so when we talk about the skill traits and skills that are not going to go anywhere you're looking at it right here you're looking at Salon who is going to help us understand how we move a nation forward because I joke around with some of the young people I work with and I say so what happens when your phone goes dead.
Right each arch but if you don't have people who are regulating that energy converting that energy it's not going to happen so the most important most powerful tool to our young folks which is their 1st cell phone a brink which you're working on straight back to them so that also goes for the laborers union that you're working with so thank you for local 98 primaries you know local 98 plumbers you in the end Julie she told me she told me that about that my apologies are right Local 98 plumbers union so welcome I have a couple questions for you as well so we give our panel right.
Thank you.
Thank you so I'm just going to jump right in all right and if you don't mind I'll sort of go in this ascending order and then I have a couple questions I'd like to just lob out to you as a group but I do have some that are specific for each of you if you don't buy it so Jonathan politics.
In today's world you're not scared at all Oh definitely not I'm just ready to jump in and definitely make a change in my community I don't like the way that it was being run as I was growing up as a child so I definitely want to make it a more livable and a more suitable community for my fellow use fantastic so I've got a question for you.
What would be your 1st policy pull for when elected into office.
When I was a child I was definitely a troubled child I definitely had my fair share of running inside a law and I got in some trouble I'm not going to lie so I definitely want to make a change where Michigan is one of 5 states that still prosecute minors as adults and that's one thing that I want to change because I notice that they mostly target urban areas such as the community I grew up in Detroit they target places like Pontiac Flint in a they bait they target us as a child just to hold us down so as we grow into adulthood worst we're stuck in this bubble kind of that that mousetrap you know you're stuck in that them stew with the hamster wheel Exactly so the words out of my mouth so I don't want I don't want kids to get in trouble as a child that this isn't as you make in 15 seconds reflect your whole life so I want to be able to change that so they can learn as a child and when they grow up that they learn so nag events of sorts term gratification and make the you know the proper decisions lead them to a successful future absolutely instilled not only do.
Brief moments where you make a misstep affects you now but in the workforce as we know even in Washington all we have an already an ordinance where we're trying to ban the box across all applications.
How do you help a young person understand hey this mistake you may however many months or years ago should not be the reason you can't move forward with a productive life explicitly if you've already sort of served your time quote unquote So one day locked up to me is too many days especially for young people who need to be encouraged loved and taught what restorative justice means so thank you for sharing with Stephanie already.
So area.
Oh Emmett and they're each where the hospitality industry is at the peak for its need of talent.
As a connection catalyst How do you spread the word about the ability to grow in the field and are there specific skills that one needs to be successful in that space So 1st there are a few specific skills that someone needs to be successful in the hospitality industry however it is not largely robust to be successful hospitality you need to be able to smile here Bill have a great work ethic and you also need to have the ability to work on a team those are things that do not require a GED or mean you have to be able to solve complex math problems or even necessarily read.
We are working on today actually just talking about outreach plans of again reaching the faith based community because there is almost 40 percent of households that do not have access to the Internet so they cannot you know we have a large social media platform that take a lot of pride in make sure you follow us at your staffing but we take a lot of pride in our social media but not all of the community that we want to reach are able to access our programs and our resources that way so connect with the face but faith based communities setting up tables outside of a grocery store or areas maybe even a Wal-Mart where people are going to have a lot of foot traffic to be able to see what we're about and what these opportunities are and to let them know that 50 percent of general managers in a lot of restaurants and hotels started in tree level positions and you came in as a housekeeper and once you show that you have the work ethic and the customer service and the desire to grow you're able to actually grow into a frightening career and get benefits and things that are virtually unheard of for a lot of the community that we serve some good souls like you chew on the go to where the Talon is as well so your ability to engage and really tell the story around hospitality is what I think is helping you to be as successful as you are so good to you on the great work.
Or you.
All right so when I read your bio and it speaks to the marrying of your passion and expertise I feel you are in sort of a golden space or golden place right they always tell you to follow your passions and you'll never work a day or your life and sometimes that's true but you may not always get the compensation or the gratification that should be if your passion doesn't really aligned with your expertise but you're in that space so I'd like to know from you.
As the Director of H.R. at the Empowerment Plan What is the culture you work to create and how do you go about creating that culture.
Being that 1st we hire very unique individuals our.
Base are placed individuals so when they come to us they come to us.
Sometimes very broken right and so originally we try to establish trust we're hiring people directly from homeless shelters and housing programs so a lot of times they don't have that support system they don't have family and if they did they would probably be staying with family and I know it sounds cliche but we really try to be that support system we try to be that family we are more then an employer.
So I try to and strive to create a culture of supportiveness inclusion.
And 1st and foremost not just.
Because if you.
For us when we hire we you don't have to we don't have you check the box you know what I mean we we take everyone at face value and try to help them to understand that you are not with you on through.
And on with this homelessness is not you know someone standing on the corner with the fine homelessness can be a mother of 4 who was in a domestic violence situation and had no other choice.
We just really tried to be there and try to be that or.
And let them know that we're not judging you we're here to help you in a get the OPAR thing in not just.
So D. statement ising is one piece right so once you help the individuals to have a greater sense of self to really rough process.
You also are giving them scaffolding because we have to be able to a lot of people to rebuild build rebuild and up I know it's a little cliche but it's not how many times you've maybe stumbled or even fall in but it's how many times you get up how do you prepare yourself how do you prepare yourself for a world that doesn't exist right now so even in terms of technology I heard a quote this weekend in Washington D.C. where was stated never has technology moved as fast as it's moving now nor will technology move as slow as it's moving right now so as we start to prepare our future workforce is we're going to have to be looking at people of all abilities from all walks of life in every kind of background So thank you for the work that you're doing.
All right so Beulah.
As a 1st year apprentice.
You are banking on your abilities that you will learn and sharpen as time goes on What made you choose to go into the plumbing sure it is that we is it what you thought it would be it where do you see areas for growth where maybe go and apply me and Sri was city Detroit watershed us a 24 team with the astronomical high water bills I found.
I thought musician were looking for volunteers and I balance here with them and when we went to investigate the issues and the problems we found out they have plenty of shoes and which are some of the hard water pills so we reached out to plumbers I'm everywhere and nobody wanted to volunteer their services and I know why NOW NOW them a part of France and I know why so me and my business partner now I said I just do it.
Go into the army training find out what it's about so my journey my friend ship a spot C.V. try resin it's not about me I can have access to a foreign army.
So in the time that you've been in the plumbing trade has you seen areas for growth in the trade is there are things that could be done a little bit differently or a little more innovative leave them with what you're saying currently Well every every day when you speak of technology Pommy is faster than technology it changes all the time.
I mean changes in your local municipalities it changes on national level so farming is greased lightning career it changes all the time.
OK great of our always to be learning even when I'm down with my I have yours I'm a master even past the Master still learning that the hour and we have to remember palming is universal absolutely why absolute So I heard a little bit about soft skills I heard a little bit about lifelong learning these are character traits and skills that we're going to me for the rest of our life the many we start to turn ourselves off so the notion of allowing information the flow we're.
We're stuck in the water so I want to be all about asset framing today so I was a bit more.
We're stuck right OK so I'll go back up the lies so Bill if you don't mind I'll ask you one more question.
What's the most helpful thing that you have learned during your journey I learned so much I learned that from transferring careers that you're not the only one sometimes I come from the banking and finance industry I wanted to trace in 2016 and you see so many people rares in jobs is changing you learn that you're not the only why but you also have to morrow when you're changing it there are no days off you have to really push so growth and evolution is like an ongoing thing All right thank you of course you speak of servant leadership explain to us what that means to you.
Of though I have lacked the Rector in my title and on like an org chart I may be at a certain place I see myself reporting to all of our team members.
I'm responsible for making sure they enjoy coming to work making sure that we have the right policies in place making sure that once they leave the empowerment plan that they go on to be the best that they can be.
You can't do that like with an iron fist you have to build trust you have to build some ships have to be encouraging.
So if my goal is to serve all of our team members.
Then I think I should do a pretty good job instead of trying to make yourself look good if you try to make everyone else look good and make everyone succeed organization will succeed and.
So empowerment I'm starting to hear a theme here and they say want to leave but one must leave from within the circle and so it sounds like you do you walk better in live that every day but also as a community leader you know our young kids are watching you as well right you are already.
So Area elf.
I'm going to get even more sort of wide open with the question and ask you what does success look like for years.
If that is a wide open question So success for fears and to make it clear fierce empowerment is a nonprofit 5 A one c 3 which actually fun fact I got my master's from University of Michigan Dearborn and asked the public administration the best.
They see how over there who encouraged me not to start a nonprofit.
What are you doing because I was also working at hospitality in a thriving hospitality career but that goal is to be able to provide that full wraparound support services to the staff that we that we are placing in the hospitality industry we also at their staffing want to set the standard of what customer service and hospitality is in the staffing and the showing specifically in the hospitality and I feel that the biggest investment that we could ever make is the investment into people and it which is something we just heard about and also that wrap around support services there's no way to be successful on the job York you cannot run a successful workforce program if you're not solving problems at home and so if you can't if you don't know where your babies are going to sleep at night if you don't know how you're going to get to work if you don't know how your child is doing in school while you're out at work and you're not going to be able to thrive and make our businesses profitable and so that that is a goal for us to be able to identify the best practices to be able to run our nonprofit to also be able to contribute to the people that are working for us and then setting that standard so we can pay the bills at the nonprofit Dr Hall will be right.
Providing resources those rapper all resources often people will say and.
Customers to Michigan Works and they need a job to get them a job should more and I say well we had a conversation.
And they need a place to sleep at night 1st it is hard to think about going to work every day if you don't know where your next meal is coming from or where you will lay your hand so we have to learn a prioritized and how we're working with people so that we understand this is more than just a client this is more than just a customer is the human being so we start to talk about a notion in an issue of humanity in a time where you think technology is going to ill all loans it's actually a polarizing.
View because those who can do and those who don't have it's very hard it's very R. and so you hear this you need to pull yourself up by your bootstraps right what if I don't have boots right now so let's start to think about concepts like business resource network so I don't know if you're familiar with them companies can.
Essentially purchase shares of a success coach who will come into your business and sit with those individuals who might be from what we know is the Alice population so finance whose rip Alice report.
So if you want some enlightening reading check out the Alice report it was done by your United Way coalitions and so you have the opportunity to take a peek into the lives of people who are working every day but still can't afford to make ends meet so there's a term that I don't like but I think it sort of describes where these individuals are at and it's the working poor so those who go to work every day and are still struggling to make ends meet it's it's beyond an epidemic and I believe it's over 40 percent of the households here and granola washed in our county so people think about us as the land of milk and honey and they don't understand there is a dichotomy here and there is a Kenyan worth of difference for those who can and have versus those who are working they get there so thank you.
So Jonathan you almost have a politician's name here John of thinking as I was I like that and I had a better year in the district and make a hell of.
A right.
So what is you've built because you were part of a correct if you can help educate us all what you've built is and how was your experience in the program it will youth youth build is a federally funded program that helps.
People 2020 from ages 24 to believe it's 16 help the help to get you a GED high school diploma and help the cultivate you into the workforce so that was one thing that I struggled with because I was a troubled teenager I did get kicked out of school so they helped bring me back.
Into the community help me of saying My G.-D..
How call to me cultivate me into the workforce so they they started by paying us $15.00 a day it's just to go to school so that's an insensitive to help a be able to feed the student so they can have some money to be able to get back and forth transportation are give them a bite to eat you know because some people from the families can't afford that so that's a good it's in there and then we every Friday they send you out so to a community workforce where you kind of help with the community.
We we work on.
Bribery Broaddrick project which is an apartment building that we're helping renovate and bring it back to its former glory so we can use that as a as a public housing for future students so that's what that is when FACE WHEN issue that students are facing they seem like one of my fellow panelists that is homelessness so that helps and at the meantime that I help get the students such as myself the skills that we need to be able to enter the workforce so as you as you progress and the program they get they do they do offer you union opportunities an apprenticeship such as my other list and myself so they they gave me they were able to pay for the training my transportation to to the school to get my a training in a specimen abatement and then they helped me get into the Union as well you throw this great cause very soon so the workforce is free and the faster.
It is.
I think you worked at the broader building at I know a broader.
Even though he's an even though you say you of him guys still think he's a pretty cool dude.
To meet a man President Obama's My Brother's Keeper of this and it was really great to see the work happening across the country in terms of preparing our young boys a little color.
And so I think we all know we are at a sort of precipice where we're going to start to invest and allow our future to get brighter or we're going to choose the other route as sort of see how it goes I believe the people in this room are prepared to help us move into a brighter bore prosperous future for everyone and so my question now to the panel and you all can duke it out how you like about answering it but how do we better invest in our future workforce.
I can take a stab it.
Would we find most beneficial is looking at.
The whole person.
Like we were talking about earlier you can't fix one 4th of the problem and expect someone to be successful.
In our program we say look at the whole person so if you don't have reliable childcare we tackle that if you don't have a driver's license we tackle that if you don't have a GED and you want to get it we tackle that if you have.
Not necessarily we want we don't even look at just credit anymore we could we talk about financial health and wellness So how healthy are you financially Do you understand finances and not only that your mental health because that goes into a major part of the show being successful at work and so we try to address all of the barriers.
In order for someone to be successful because if we if you don't eventually something's going to come back up if I have an established reliable childcare I'm not going to be able to keep a job I don't have my driver's license or even reliable transportation I will not be able to get won't be able to get to work to provide for my family so I think it starts with addressing all of the barriers that block someone from maintaining it.
Providing all of the support services to address those barriers and addressing the whole person can sound ridiculous Lee overwhelming especially for small organizations where resources are limited and I think the way that we're able to solve that is their collective them and so a lot of what we do if you're staffing is work identifying other organizations who are doing something similar to what we are housing organization Detroit Rescue Mission goodwill really in Detroit and how we can use our resources together to reach this community and make sure it will you're addressing child here you're addressing getting their record expunged or whatever and we're working together to try to make sure we're able to solve these issues and no longer especially our.
Black community we tend to work in silos very often and then a lot of us are doing the same work and not really getting very far and so I think once we're able to establish collectively some strategies to really be able to address the whole person that will be able to make significant.
So you know we go from we have to hope.
Of the people overcome their obstacles that they're facing but I also want to mention too that we do have a lot of work force developers so the people that help us overcome these obstacles were we don't have enough of those people and the people and the ones that are in these in these positions they're not getting paid enough they specially especially when they're doing such a great job helping us better our community so we definitely need to retrace the pay for developers and we need to bring more and so we can get everybody and an efficient time to be able to start their career and overcoming obstacles enough there's some amount of time totally willing free OK thank you thank you thank you Jonathan 2020.
You we got the right guard board and everything look at the ready to go already built up digital want to share Yes Wow As for me I would like to see more women in the trains especially plumbing that because the guys just has such a small number of us was so it was so out number I would like to while what I do now is when I do go to plan mean or go to school and a lot of times our members screen the kids and.
It's just so weird how our young girls look at me like the Eminem commercial like it really are She's real.
Well I will love to why I am trying to get more women and straight.
Middle age as a matter because she have a train to be self-sufficient Take care yes I'll teach others.
A man and a man as.
A self-proclaimed mama's boy I grew up in a house that had yes it doesn't look like it but I am my mother's baby.
Yes I grew up in a household with my mother my grandmother and my 6 audits and 3 of those 6 odds had daughters.
So when I hear about the ability of women I have lived it I've seen it and I joke around with my male friend see there's a reason our life has expectancy is a little lower when we have issues we sort of hold it in and sort of ground it out and just work through it in our own little ways but I will watch my mother and aunts and grandma corral each other give them a sense of empowerment a work through their issues through laughter and tears and pain and dancing and music and before you knew it the issue had resolved itself and so there is a certain quality that is brought to the workforce through the type of development and diversity that you're speaking of you live and it has to be continued in order for us to grow as a workforce for us to grow as a country if we don't start to diversify if we don't start to think about inclusion in ways we've never thought about before once again we're going to have to look at ourselves as a country and 20 or 30 years and say where do we make the missteps from a take a 2nd to do it cheesy sort of self advertisement of a program that's being written here in Washington or county it is the summer 19 program we're going to take a $150.00 young people from the entire county we're going to put on the work and I'd like to personally take our partners here poverty solutions look in Julia they have been fantastic and helping bring half of those young people right here on this campus so they can learn about the diversity and inclusion office they can learn about what the school of technology actually is what happens here in this or make building right how do we start to learn to prepare our future in a way that they can palate because it's easy for us as adults to say when you get in the real world or back in my day we did it this way and I have learned without a doubt our youth care to know when they know you care.
Is that fair enough Jonathan yes already so some are 19 do more some are 19 dot com if you're a business and you like to bring a young person on board we'd love to have you the university is doing a fantastic job of it but we are looking for a private sector community to step up and I believe they'll do it because they've done it for the last 3 years this is our 4th year so that's much easier commercial for young people axed about the future I wanted to make sure as we're talking about diversity empowerment wraparound services D duplicating work we have to prepare our young people to go in to the places that we're working in now and we can serve as a bridge to make sure that they know their the current workforce cares enough about them to invest so I have another question.
And be a lot like for you to kick this one off if you don't mind what are benefits that you currently offer or better yet what benefits would you like to offer as you become a master plumber at one point in your own in or with your own business in your employ 5 to 5000 women across the country what would be some of the benefits that you would offer the benefits that I offer now as I teach people about water.
You know conserving water.
Insulate your pipes.
About how to know that your home is your baby's a best missile the when a coming upon literacy.
Take care of it so that's just something that I do not promote people to please take care of your home your building your business because that's where you sleep that's how you pay your bills so I'm doing that now teach people bought a house or are.
We only get one planet.
And so Mother Earth is screaming for us right now to start to look at our approaching living in a day and age where consumption is normal and it is at a higher rate than ever before so THANK YOU FOR think you know bow our lovely planet that we live sleep and eat it right we appreciate it shouldnt the thought.
I'll go back up the roll call a how about yourself what are benefits that you either currently offer or thinking innovative leave are there some things you'd like to start to offer at the Empowerment Plan My dream is to have like onsite.
Help because that's one of our biggest barriers.
We're not there yet so some of the benefits that we are fire we have what we try to be is like a one stop shop where like 60 percent of the time please are team members actually working manufactory and 40 percent of the time we're working on that whole self.
So like right now we offer onsite.
We have an onsite therapist at our time.
On Site driver's training we allow team members to take a time to go to college classes things like that are we just hired a career advancement manager who is kind of similar to Arielle which will help we know not everyone wants to stay in power.
Right and so her job is to figure out how to get a person from empowerment play in their career go.
She will be partnering with different organizations.
Actually coming after we leave here.
But my dream is that onsite daycare.
We can offer some openness is.
Tested you really are the catalyst for connection here are you know you've already got some business development there about yourself tell us what you're.
Like to see or you currently have that is innovative in terms of.
A bit of fish that you offer so I would say our biggest benefit is of course our minimum of paying $14.00 an hour and as a staffing company we're empowered to do that because we're able to set our billable rates that high and what we've been found is that a lot of companies are willing to pay a one because they understand they get a quality service from us but also they love the fact that they're contributing to the success of the community also it keeps our staff coming back so every time we decide we want to buy pick up a shift I'm going to 14 hours an hour there.
But then the 2nd thing I think is that connection to a positive social network which has been vital for me who I was a teen mom and my son is here with me and was a vital to my family my mother I was one of those people who you didn't necessarily know when you I walked through casts that we were homeless and we just like what I was sharing that you know it doesn't mean you're living on the corner but we had a positive social network of women and I had mentors in the community around me that was able to connect me to resources so I could thrive and grow into the Marriott and go into events production and things like that and so I think those having that positive social network and that that financials of the disability is really going to be beneficial for the people could Mr President.
OK well.
Some things that I definitely was and I want to I want to benefit as I progress in my career is I just want once I can push on my goals I just want to show the youth that anything you can put your mind to you can accomplish you know you don't have to be the product of your environment you can be the product that ultimately makes your environment and I want to make a life for the used in the inner city is.
As easy as possible so they can be able to excel and I definitely want to strengthen up some domestic violence laws as well when I was when I was a baby my mother was actually shot and killed by my father so she was not only a domestic violence victim but I was as well because ultimately I lost that time that I could have had with my mother so I want to strengthen up on things like that and I want to start my own kind of not profit like a 5 on one c 4 because I want to be able to have it in pilot and political the political realm as well to be able to change that and help the domestic violence victims overcome the situations that they're facing now so that's one thing that I want to change and I want to have a benefit can you thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you so I think we have a little bit more or less than a minute or so.
So we're tired but I do want to get this question out here so I'll address that if you can answer it in 10 words or less all right so here's the challenge for you I think you all are quite capable in 2030 what would you like to see in the work world.
I want to see walking out.
For one more female plumbers you did it all there it is.
Work life balance.
And Harmony from others in the workplace Oprah's question.
So some things that I would love to see in the.
Workforce I would love to see.
Single payer health care let's see it's in dollars minimum wage yet.
Speak in folks language and completely banning the box so it's you know I don't why should they spend less instead where is what.
That was about not in the house where you are working so are we doing questions from the audience or No All right well save your questions for afterwards how about that you know the Stylistics right thank you.