Ford School Class of 2020: Messages to Graduates

May 2, 2020 0:33:55
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Hear messages from alumni, staff, faculty, and members of the policy community. You persevered in the height of a pandemic to complete your Ford School degree. Dance, toast, celebrate your accomplishments! You deserve it.


>> Gretchen Whitmer: Hello, I'm Governor Gretchen Whitmer. As a former professor at the Ford School, well, lecturer, really, I'm excited to congratulate you, the class of 2020, on your graduation. You did it. You worked hard to get to this moment, and I know it isn't happening the way you imagined it would, but you should be proud of what you've achieved.

We're living through an historic period that will likely change the course of history. We need bright leaders like all of you to create new paths forward and build a better world for those who follow in your footsteps. I believe you, your generation, the generations that follow will be the engine that drives the course correction for our country and the world. This will take hard work; look for inspiration in unusual places and never forget where you came from.

Again, congratulations on this huge achievement. As a lifelong Spartan, I can't think of anything better than a group of Wolverines to give this railing cry to. Go blue.

>> DEBBIE DINGELL: Congratulations Fordies. It's Debbie Dingell, your congress woman from Ann Arbor. We all wish we could be there with you today to celebrate, but we're there in spirit. You have worked hard and have a very solid foundation for the next chapters in your life from the Ford School. It'll be with you throughout your career and life. So we wish you much love, luck, and laughter for these next chapters of your life. And always remember, go blue.

>> SUSAN GUINDI: Hello, Class of 2020. I'm Susan Guindi from the office of student services. While I miss being together in the Weill Hall, this public health crisis has really reminded us just how important our connections are. But I know like all good Fordies, you're gonna learn from it and use it to make the world a better place. Congratulations on this incredible milestone in your life. And as always, Go Blue.

>> SIMON TAM: Hi, Class of 2020. My name is Simon Tam, and I'm Ford School MPP graduate of 2011. It is my honor and privilege to congratulate each one of you on your graduation and for your outstanding achievements over the years. As you know, these are truly unprecedented times with much ambiguity and uncertainty. But it is really only during these times that bring out the very best in us as we search for novel solutions, ingenuity, and public leadership to combat our common problems. Your hard work over the last several years has set you up for nothing short of success as long as you're being committed to your passions, grounded in your ambitions, and truly bring your authentic self to each one of your engagements. With that, I congratulate you once again, and forever Go Blue.

>> BRODERICK JOHNSON: Hey, there. My name is Broderick Johnson. I'm an alum of the law school and I'm also an adjunct professor at the law school and at the Ford School. I practice law in Washington, DC and I've had the distinct privilege of serving under both President Bill Clinton and President Barack Obama. But enough about me, congratulations to each of you and to your wonderful families. You know you didn't do this by your lonesome. Many of you may be the first in your families to have achieved this great milestone, many of you are seen as an exception to the rule, but don't let that be a burden to you.

Instead, let that lift you up to be the kind of role model and leader that we need. And Lord knows we need all of you to step up and to be our future public policy leaders 'cause we've created a bit of a mess. Even though you won't have the traditional commencement ceremony and celebrations that you were expecting with family and friends, make your celebrations unique in your own way, 'cause you did this and it's a great achievement. I'm so proud of each of you. Go blue. It's great to be a Michigan Wolverine. Congratulations.

>> HANK MEIJER: Hi, I'm Hank Meijer and it's a privilege to join in congratulating you, the Ford School Class of 2020. Never has our society hungered more for a sense of service, a mission of public service. Wherever your career takes you, whatever you find yourself doing, you'll carry that mission with you because of the skills you've acquired at the Ford School. Good luck to you, congratulations again, and Go Blue.

>> AVERY MOJE: Hello everyone, it's Avery from student services here to wish you all congratulations on the tremendous accomplishment that is graduation. I know that I've only been with the Ford School for a brief amount of time, but I feel that I've gotten to know each of you. And I can confidently say that you are all prepared to go out into the world and make a change in your communities. I know that you will all be amazing advocates for a just and compassionate world. Stay true to yourselves, and you will go so, so far. Congratulations, and Go Blue.

>> CINDY BANK: Hi, I'm Cindy Bank, associate director of the program in practical policy engagement. You have inspired me with your passion and commitment to make our communities and world better for everyone. I know that our future is bright because of you, and I know each one of you will find your own way to make a positive impact. Please stay in touch, come back to campus and share what you're doing, and as always, Go Blue.

>> NAOMI GOLDBERG: On behalf of the Ford School Alumni Board and the thousands of Ford School alumni, I wish you a hearty congratulations on your graduation. My name is Naomi Goldberg and I graduated from the Ford School in 2008. We are excited to welcome you to the community of Ford School alumni and to support you as colleagues, peers and friends. Your time at the Ford School, the training you've received, the connections you've made, have all prepared you to tackle big problems, to offer innovative solutions and to make an impact on the world at a time when we need that the most. So congratulations and Go Blue.

>> JOHN LEAHY: Hello, I'm John Leahy and I'm the Director of Graduate Studies at the Ford School. I wanted to congratulate all of the graduates of the class of 2020 and especially the five students who completed their PhDs this year: Jessica, June, Kennedy, Nadia and Prague. Congratulations on a job well done. You are the future of Public Policy Research. Go Blue.

>> OLUSHOLA SAMUEL: Hi. My name is Olushola Samuel. I'm a Ford School BA graduate, Class of 2010. Currently, I chair the Ford School Alumni Board. Congratulations, Class of 2020. As Ford School graduates, you've demonstrated the necessary intellect, integrity, creativity and resilience needed to lead our world through its most pressing problems. I want to thank you in advance for all the good that you will do.

>> SUSAN RICE: Hi, everybody. This is Ambassador Susan Rice and I wanted to offer my warmest congratulations to the Class of 2020 at the Ford School. I had a wonderful visit to the Ford School in January on Martin Luther King Day and the highlight of my visit was the opportunity to meet with a tremendous group of wonderful students who ask really tough, really smart questions and we had a wonderful conversation. You're entering the world at an incredibly complex and challenging time, and your commitment to policy into public service is more important than ever. The contributions you will make will be incredibly useful to our country and to our world. And so, I just would suggest that you dig deep and really ask yourself, what are you passionate about? What are you committed to? What are your special unique skills? And then figure out how to apply those unique skills and passion to service. The opportunities are limitless, the needs are nearly infinite and what you bring to our country and our world is extraordinarily valuable. We need you now, your expertise and your leadership more than ever. I wish you all the best, good luck and go Blue.

>> CECILIA MUNOZ: Hi, everybody. My name is Cecilia Munoz. I'm a vice president at New America in Washington and I was President Obama's domestic policy advisor. But more importantly, I'm a Michigan grad and I'm a great fan of the Ford School. Congratulations on your graduation. It's an extraordinary accomplishment. I can't wait to see what you'll do in the world. And wow, does the world need you right now. Congratulations, and go Blue.

>> PAUL WEECH: Hi, I'm Paul Weech, class of 1981. Well, you made it to graduation during the strangest time in our nation's history. The uneven responses to the pandemic only serve to reinforce the value of your Ford School degree. More than most, you understand the importance of using data and analytics, calculating costs and benefits, and assessing the distributional and equity impacts. You are poised to make a big difference in the world. Thank you for your commitment to service. Congratulations and go Blue.

>> DEAN YANG: My name is Dean Yang. I'm a Professor of Economics and Public Policy at the Ford School and I run the International Development Concentrations. Congratulations to the 2020 graduating class of the Ford School. I'm very proud of you all. Particularly those of you who took the International Development Concentration, who I got to know. I've learned a huge amount from you and you should know that all of your hard work has prepared you to make a huge difference in public policy and in public leadership. Congratulations again and go Blue.

>> PETER VASHER: Hello, this is Peter Vasher from Graduate Career Services. To all the Ford School Class of 2020, congratulations. We're excited to see where your journey may take you in the world, but please know you'll always have a home at the corner of State and Hill. Congratulations. Go Blue.

>> BETH SOBOLESKI: Hi. I'm Beth Soboleski. Congratulations, Ford School graduates of 2020. I'm so glad you chose to be part of the Ford School family. Your hard work and enthusiasm has been inspiring. And during this difficult semester, your resolve and resilience has truly been amazing. There's a lot of work to be done out there, and I look forward to hearing how the work that you do makes the world a better place. Remember, you always have a cheering section here in Ann Arbor, eager to hear about your adventures. I hope you wear your Michigan degree with pride and with distinction. All my best wishes. And as always, Go Blue.

>> JONATHAN HANSON: Hello. John Hanson here. I just wanted to send a message to congratulate all of you who are finishing up your degrees this semester. You know, I feel really fortunate to have a job where everyday when I walk into the building, I'm a happy person and so much of that has to do with the opportunity to work with you. I've had the chance to have many of you in my classrooms over the past two to three years and I really enjoy every minute of it and I mean that. I think one thing that's clear about the current crisis that we're in is that there's an incredible need for public policy expertise to guide our governmental decision-making process, that we can't have leadership that just wings its way through a crisis. We need people who understand the science, people who can make smart decisions based on that science and then communicate those decisions effectively to the public so that we all know what to do. So, there's never been a greater need for the skills that you've learned over the past two to three years. And I look forward to seeing you guys go out there and to change the world. You can see I got my Michigan gear on today because I wanted to finish by saying, go Blue.

>> LIZ GERBER: Hi, I'm Liz Gerber, professor and associate dean at Ford. Congratulations to the graduating class of 2020. I wanna thank each and every one of you for choosing public policy as your field of study and work. Now more than ever, the world needs your skills, your passion, and your diverse perspectives. You are heading out into an uncertain and fast-changing world, but through your hard work and dedication, you have what it takes to be the leaders that we need. Please remember to act boldly, stay humble, and listen well. Congratulations, and Go Blue.

>> PAULA LANTZ: Hey, I'm Paula Lantz, associate dean and professor at the Ford School. I'm here today to offer my heartiest congratulations to the graduating class of the Ford School in 2020. It's been my deep honor and privilege to get to know all of you, both in the classroom and beyond. I know you're all going to do amazing things in your careers and leave incredible marks upon the world. Wherever your path takes you next, I wish you all health, happiness and great adventures along the way. I know we'll see each other soon on the other side of this pandemic. But in the meantime, I offer you my respect, my love and my sincere congratulations.

>> HARDY VIEUX: Congratulations Ford School class of 2020. You made it. I am Hardy Vieux and I had the pleasure of teaching many of you in International Human Rights Law last fall. Somehow you made a three-hour class fun. Thank you. As you go on to the big blue policy world, I want you to remember to listen to the sound of the voice within you. As you listen to others, don't forget that you're gonna have a lot of the answers so see with your eyes, feel with your heart and follow that North Star. And always remember, Go Blue.

>> MICHAEL BARR: Graduates, congratulations. I'm so proud of you. You've come together during this crisis and demonstrated that we really are a community dedicated to the public Good. The world needs you right now and I'm confident that you're gonna help make the world a better place. I'm so excited for your future. Congratulations. And go blue.

>> SHOBITA PARTHASARATHY: Hi, newly minted Ford School graduates. I am so excited to wish you congratulations. I'm sorry that we can't celebrate in person but we will see each other again. Hopefully, at a giant graduation party that we'll throw for all of you next year. I am incredibly proud of you and I cannot wait to hear about, to paraphrase Dr. Seuss, all of the amazing places that you'll go.

>> YUSUF NEGGERS: Hi everyone. This is Yusuf Neggers, Assistant Professor of Public Policy. Ford School, Class of 2020, congratulations on graduating. It was great having many of you in class this past year and now I'm excited to see what you're gonna be up to back out in the real world making differences in the areas that you care about. So, congratulations again, and Go Blue.

>> ELISSA SLOTKIN: Hi everyone. I am Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin. I represent Michigan's 8th district and I wanted to offer my hearty congratulations to the class of 2020. You are a historic class, you are a precedent setting class, you are a class going out into a world totally changed by COVID-19. And while I'm so sorry that you weren't able to finish your last few months together on campus, I hope you know that you carry with you a special responsibility, especially since you're graduating from the Ford School from an excellent Policy School. I want you to go out and bring your energy and your sweat and your time and your research to your country because your country needs you more than ever now.

Whether you're going into military service or the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, all kinds of policy work that you're either planning on doing or will soon be doing. The greatest postcard of love we can write to our country is to put our time and our sweat into making this country better and we need that more than ever. I happened to be in New York City on my second day of grad school when 9/11 happened, that event completely changed the trajectory of my life and I know that COVID-19 in many ways will change the trajectory of your life. And while that may be tough right now in many ways, I know that you and your generation will be changed by it, you will make us better because of it. And I am honored to congratulate you on the event of your graduation. Go off and do amazing things because we need you and we're counting on you. Thanks so much.

>> STEPHANIE LEISER: Congratulations to the class of 2020 and especially my colleagues in the MPA cohort. It's been a real honor to get to know all of you this year and I hope the things that we did together and learned together will serve you well in the future. And in the meantime, we'll look forward to the day we can celebrate again together.

>> JENNIFER NIGGEMEIER: Hi everyone, I'm Jennifer Niggemeier, the director of graduate career services and alumni relations, and today, I am coming to you with my alumni relations hat on. And I wanna welcome all of you to the Ford School alumni community. You can't get away so easily just by graduating. You're now part of a much bigger community. And we look forward to many years of engagement and hopefully giving back the ways that many alums gave back to you. We wish you all the best. And know that you are always part of this network. Go Blue.

>> SHARON MACCINI: Hi everybody, I'm Sharon Maccini. Big congratulations to all of the Ford School graduates of 2020. We are so very proud of everything you've accomplished so far and everything you will accomplish going forward. A special shout out to the Fordie BA class of 2020. As the faculty director of the undergraduate program you all are especially near and
dear to my heart. We will miss you all. Please do stay in touch and go blue.

>> DAVID THACHER: I'm David Thacher, and I just wanted to say congratulations to all of the amazing Ford School students that I've gotten to know over the past couple of years who are graduating right now. I have been so impressed by your commitment to public service and the thoughtful and morally serious way that you approach all of your work. I want to give a special shout out to my doctoral student, Jessica Gillooly, who just finished an amazing dissertation on the role of 911 in American policing. She's headed to NYU Law School at The Policing Project where she'll continue that work. Congratulations Dr. Gillooly.

>> ALEX RALPH: Hi, my name is Alex Ralph. I'm one of the Writing Center quartet of instructors, and I wanna wish you all the best on your graduation to the class of 2020 in what has been a very, very eventful year already. All the best to you, to your loved ones and may you go on to do great and exciting things. Go blue.

>> LIN ANN: Hey, Ford School class of 2020, MPPs and MPAs. Congratulations on your graduation from the Ford School and from the University of Michigan. Special shoutout here to students who were on Ford Monk in January 2020. To the amazing charity auction participants and the board, especially those who ended up at my house for dinner, to the high stamina, absolutely wonderful China trip of 2019. And last and best, MPPs and 510 for 2018, who took it with me, you rock. We love you, we'll miss you, come back and see us.

>> RUSTY HILLS: Well, this has been a wild semester, hasn't it? You are now a part of history because you've accomplished what no students at the University of Michigan have ever done before. You've done it. Congratulations. You know, our name sake, President Ford, faced a crisis the minute that he took the oath of office. He faced a really, really difficult decision, a tough decision. And he made it. And in the process, Ford healed our nation. Our world faces a crisis right now. A crisis that also calls for tough decisions. Here's the good news, you can do this. You can help resolve this crisis that we're dealing with because you have just the strengths and the talents that we need to resolve this crisis and make those decisions. I have faith in you, and you know why? Because you are the leaders and the best. Congratulations and always remember, be bold.

>> MOLLY SPENCER: Hi graduating Fordies, congratulations. I'd like to send you off with a poem to take you from this moment of your lives into the next. It's a poem by Lucille Clifton. And it's called Blessing the Boats. May the tide that is entering even now, the lip of our understanding, carry you out beyond the face of fear. May you kiss the wind then turn from it certain that it will love your back. May you open your eyes to water, water waving forever, and may you in your innocence sail through this to that. Best wishes to all of you.

>> JUSTIN WOLFERS: To the Ford School masters students in the graduating class of 2020. Look, I was there. I remember your first day of school, when many of you walked in nervously to the first session of Micro A and, by jingo, every session since then was a pleasure and it was great to watch you bloom and become, each of you, more of an economist than you ever thought you would. When I look at the world around us, I hope those economic insights and intuitions are gonna continue to prove useful. The great joy of teaching at a public policy school is teaching folks who are gonna change the world and I look forward to watching you do that. Go blue.

>> ALAN DEARDORFF: I am so pleased to be able to congratulate today our graduating students, both our graduate students and our undergraduate students.

I especially want to congratulate my own PhD student Jieun Lee who started in the MPP program years ago, in the very first semester taking my course. She then went on to do the PhD and she's now uncovered fascinating information about the role of foreign corporations in US politics, both through campaign contributions and through lobby. She's gonna be starting this fall as an Assistant Professor at the University of Buffalo. Go blue.

>> DAVID MORSE: Hi, I'm David Morse from the Writing Center. I've enjoyed studying words with you all, so I'm inviting you to play a word game called Paint Chip Poetry that I am playing with my dog, Shandy. It's my turn and I have to form a poem out of these paint chips that I have drawn at random out of the box. So, here it goes. "It's the pandemic. We're all hermit crabs, living in a cave. We're scared of seeing ourselves in the looking glass. But hey, it's a new dawn. There are new leaves, tulips in spring. So, dump some hot sauce and a glass of Pinot Noir, walk your octopus in the arboretum, take a ride on the Elephant Starship through the Milky Way. Congratulations. We're green with envy. You've graduated out of the blue." Take good care, everyone. Go forth and thrive and come back via Zoom and tell us all about it. Congrats, again.

>> AL YOUNG: Congratulations to the Ford School Class of 2020 on the completion of your studies. You are uniquely qualified to lead the country and the world and developing policies, programs, and ideas that guide us through these challenging times. I offer a special congratulations to Dr. Kennedy Turner whose remarkable work on African-American college students' racial identity and racial consciousness will allow us to have a better understanding of a very challenged population and higher education. Go Dr. Turner and go blue.

>> KATHRYN DOMINGUEZ: Hello, I'm Kathryn Dominguez, Professor of Economics and Public Policy at the Ford School. It is my great pleasure to congratulate the Ford School graduating class of 2020. I'd like to provide a special shout out to the BAs in my Financial Crisis classes. Nathan, Grace, Prana, Kendall, Jacob, Johnny, Shana, Laila, Lauren, Cat, Sophie, Ethan, and Elise, I am confident you will use your financial knowledge for the global good. And to the graduating MPPs and MPAs from my International Financial Policy classes. Kelly, Cheney, Alex, Matt, Jenny, Will, and Tamarine. The world will be in good hands with you at the helm. It was my great privilege to get to know each of you. Congratulations and go blue.

>> MEGAN TOMPKINS-STANGE: Hi everybody, we're so proud of you and so
lucky to have been your faculty the past couple of years. And we just wanted to say congratulations on this amazing accomplishment. And go blue!

>> KEVIN STANGE: Congratulations, Fordies! So honored to be a part of this journey with
you and am inspired by you every day. We're so sorry that we can't be with you for
your amazing graduation, but we're thinking of you every second. Bye! Go blue!

>> RACHEL WHITE: Hi, Ford School graduating class of 2020. I'm Rachel White, a 2010 Ford School graduate, currently an assistant professor in the areas of educational policy at Old Dominion University and I'm a Ford School Alumni Board President. Just wanted to send along congratulations on the completion of your degree. This is most certainly a memorable year to finish up a degree and head into a new chapter of life. Now more than ever, we need compassionate policy leaders and thinkers like you, serving in our communities. So, wherever you go, always take with you that Ford School spirit of service and dedication to the public good. And as always, wherever you go, go blue.

>> MENNA DEMESSIE: Congratulations to the class of 2020, my name is Mena Denasa class of 2010. 10 years ago I was in your place graduating with my joint PhD from the Ford School. I know times are rough right now but there's no better time to celebrate your achievement. And we are here with you, you are a Michigan Wolverine, which means you will make it, near and far and anywhere you are. From me to you and to all those Wolverine's out there we wish you a congratulation, and go blue. Go blue!

>> STEPHANIE CHANG: Hi, everyone. This is Stephanie Chang. I am the State Senator from District 1 here in Michigan and also a proud Ford School alumna. So, congratulations to the graduates. I know that this year has been a little bit different than most years, and so I know that it might be challenging right now in a lot of different ways. So I hope everyone's staying healthy and staying safe. But congratulations, your new skills and knowledge and everything that you've soaked up at the Ford School are gonna be really, really valuable in whatever you do next, whether it be in public service or working with a non profit or a consulting group or whatever it might be. I'm excited for you. And we know that we've got a lot of big challenges for our country and our world to tackle, and it'll be better with you working hard to tackle those issues. So, congratulations. Go Ford School, go blue.

>> TONY DIGIOVANNI: Hello, everyone. My name is Tony DiGiovanni, and I graduated from the Ford School in 2000. I want to congratulate each of you outstanding students in the Ford School graduating class of 2020. I remember my graduation as a time of possibility and promise, and I hope the same is true for you. The future may seem uncertain now, but that is why sound public policy and good public leadership, the kind that the Ford School trained and instilled in you, matters now, more than ever. So, again, congratulations to everyone, and go blue.

>> KEITH FUDGE:  Hi, I'm Keith Fudge, MPP from 2009. Just wanted to say congratulations to the class of 2020 on your graduation and all the hard work that has led to today. We need your knowledge, your leadership, and your commitment to service now, more than ever. Best of luck and go blue!

>> RON WEISER: Good afternoon. My name is Regent Ronald Weiser. I'm the chair of the board of regents here at the University of Michigan and went to school here. I've lived here in Ann Arbor ever since. I guess I'm not supposed to touch my face. And I want to congratulate you on achieving your degrees in this very difficult situation.

I can tell you personally I'm proud of you and I'm proud of the school that you go to, the University of Michigan, and especially the Ford School. As many of you know, I was in the position and was proud to help found the Weiser Diplomacy School and certainly the world we're living in now, as well as the world we're going to be living in, is going to require even more diplomacy as things change in it.

So I want to again congratulate you and tell you how proud I am of you and I look forward to seeing some of you again in the future. I've had the opportunity to participate in several seminars there and there was nothing more exciting to me than to see people as they develop their skills and begin to go out into the real world and make an impact. And I know you will make an enormous impact on this country and on this world. Thank you very much.

>> FRED UPTON: Hey there. Go blue. First things first. I'm Congressmen Fred Upton and during this difficult time, and we certainly know that it is, the lessons that you've learned there at Ford are really pertinent today. You gotta work together. You gotta take the best ideas from all parties and move our country forward. And that was my message when I spoke there a year ago with Debbie Dingell, talk about bipartisanship, working together in the Congress, getting things done. And I know that that is a lesson that you all have taken to heart as well. So, congratulations on graduating. As a Michigan graduate from way back when, maybe even before your parents were born. We'll see. Congratulations, you've got a great life ahead of you. And we're gonna make sure that we got the country there for you too. God bless you.

>> SAMANTHA POWER: I am Samantha Power, a former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, a recent visitor to the Ford School, and I just wanted to say congratulations to all of you.

If you needed a reminder of how important the calling of public service is, how important public policy decisions are, we have been given one. And instead of being demoralized by everything that's going on around us, I hope you feel emboldened and empowered, because you have the tools that we so desperately need out in the real world.

Congratulations, and good luck.

>> SANDY WEILL: My wife Joan and I would love to congratulate all of you on graduating this year from the Ford School. You're graduating at an incredible time. And while you're not having the graduation live, you are doing it virtually. Really, a lot of the world is gonna change over the next few years because of what we've learned from this virus. So you all are well prepared to face these changes and look at changes an opportunity rather than something to fear. What you've learned in public policy will be really important as you become leaders of our country and the world in the future. God bless you all and again, congratulations.

>> JIM HUDAK: Hi, I'm Jim Hudak, Master of Public Policy class of 1971. And I'm here to congratulate you on completing a very difficult and very rigorous program. And I just know that with that training, you're going to make a difference in the world. Had a great opportunity this year of attending the inaugural lecture by Paula Lantz of the James B. Hudak, Professor of Health Policy, and never in the history, at least in my history, have we needed health policy, fact base health policy more for the world. So again, I wanna congratulate you and go blue.

>> JANET MURGUIA: The enormity of this moment is not lost on anyone. We need you and what you've learned at the Ford School of Public Policy now more than ever. Congratulations to the Class of 2020.

>> JOHN CIORCIARI: Congratulations, class of 2020. I'm John Ciorciari, I want to congratulate all the BAs I got to know last year in 320 as you entered the program. All the masters students who have been so instrumental in getting our new diplomacy center off the ground, and a special shout-out to my PhD supervisee Nadiya Kostyuk, who is doing great work on cybersecurity and just took a job teaching with Georgia Tech in the fall.

My advice to all of you is to keep sharing the great ideas we've been hearing from you in Weill Hall with the broader policy community. We're very proud of you, we know you're going to make a great impact. Go blue!

>> SUSAN COLLINS: Ford School graduates, congratulations on your graduation! Public policy has never been more important and each of you has so much to contribute to making people's lives better.

As you look to the future, remember: you cannot control the direction of the wind, but you can redirect your sails to reach your destination. So, I wish you every happiness and every success.

Fordies, go forth and go blue!