Playlist: 2021 Welcome

Welcome to the Ford School: Celia Sawyerr

August 31, 2021 0:00:49
Kaltura Video

Welcome! Hear from graduate student Celia Sawyerr about what our community is looking forward to this academic year.



0:00:04.9 Speaker 1: Hi, my name is Celia Sawyerr, and I am a second year MPP student. I'm looking forward to mingling with people at Weill and events through the Students of Color in Public Policy and the Michigan Journal of Public Affairs. You'll probably find me in the reading room, right underneath the bay windows. I'm really going to miss not being able to wear blankets during class. As a blanket person, I like to be cosy. So if you do see me come to class with a large blanket, this is why. Welcome back to the Ford School, and go blue!