Series: Admissions

Letters of recommendation: Applying to the Ford School of Public Policy

November 3, 2023 0:01:11
Kaltura Video

Learn more about our letter of recommendation requirement, how they are used in review of application, choosing recommenders (who can speak to abilities, skills, and success), how to ask for letters, giving recommenders enough time in advance, and providing them with relevant info.


0:00:04.6 Speaker 1: Well, much of your application to the Ford School of Public Policy, we'll focus on you telling your own story. We also like to hear from mentors and colleagues with senior skills in action. For our process, we require three letters of recommendation submitted electronically. You must first register your recommenders on your application portal prior to submitting your application. However, the letters themselves may be uploaded by your references before or after application submission. It is important to select recommenders who can speak to your abilities, skills, and future success here at the Ford School. This may be a combination of academic, professional and personal references, so having at least one academic reference is strongly encouraged. One of the most important details when requesting letters of recommendation is timing. If you're reaching out to a former professor, chances are you want to avoid known busy times like the first week of classes or around finals. Be sure to give your recommenders plenty of time to respond and provide them with relevant details about the Ford School and why you think you would be an ideal candidate for the program.