Series: Admissions

Resume or CV: Applying to the Ford School of Public Policy

November 3, 2023 0:01:18
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Learn more about your options in regards to the resume or curriculum vitae (CV) part of your application.


To gain a fuller understanding

of your experiences so far,

we ask that you include a copy

of your most recent
resume or CV,

alongside your application to

the Ford School
of Public Policy.

Remember, there is no
typical Ford School student.

Our cohorts include recent
bachelor's graduates,

individuals considering
a career change

after decades in a field,

and everything in between.

When compiling
your resume or CV,

aim to include work experience,

including relevant
policy work, internships,

volunteering, and
extracurricular activities.

Plan to focus on substance
more than format,

with most important
work experiences

being anything
related to policy,

your field of interest,

as well as anything
you've devoted

significant amount of time
to outside of the classroom.

Ideally, your resume
or CV will be

about one to two
pages in length and

focus primarily on the
past ten years or so.

Yes, for our applicants applying
right out of undergrad,

that does mean you can include

relevant experiences from
both high school and college.

And for all of our applicants,

we look forward to learning
more about your journey

and how you can
make a difference

here at the Ford school.