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Retirement celebration for Bob Axelrod

Sep 27, 2019 0:52:13

NOTE: First 2 minutes have audio distortion. Comments and remarks from the retirement celebration honoring the work of Bob Axelrod. September, 2019.

Samantha Power: The Education of an Idealist

Sep 25, 2019 1:17:06

Samantha Power, and moderator John Ciorciari, discuss her latest book "The Education of an Idealist" and answers questions about the latest diplomacy challenges. September, 2019.

Aloka Narayanan: Policy Pitch Competition

Sep 27, 2019 0:03:42

Aloka Narayanan (MPP '20) speaks about her work withBrilliant Detroit to tackle issues regarding early childhood education, food security, and homelessness.  

Karl Hoesch: Policy Pitch Competition

Sep 27, 2019 0:04:04

Karl Hoesch (MPP '20) discusses his passion for access to affordable housing as well as climate change, which directly tied into his work with the Office of Climate and Energy at the State of Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Ene

Monika Anderson: Policy Pitch Competition

Sep 27, 2019 0:04:32

Monika Anderson (MPP/MSW '20) tells us about their work for the National Alliance on Mental Illness in New York and how they are committed to speaking up about mental health issues. 

Pranav Govindaraju: Policy Pitch Competition

Sep 27, 2019 0:04:17

Pranav Govindaraju (BA '20) talks about fear, excitement, and the ability to learn and grow while tackling large tasks during his internship at the Federal Reserve Board. 

Policy Pitch Competition: Full Video

Sep 27, 2019 0:53:08

Presenters deliver pitches highlighting their internship organization, policy interest areas, policy impact and engagement, skills gained and takeaways from their internship as they move forward with their careers.

Aprisal Malale: Policy Pitch Competition

Sep 27, 2019 0:04:41

Aprisal Malale (MPP '20) speaks about his internship at Direct Relief in Indonesia to help those affected by the tsunami that hit his hometown and surrounding areas.

Brandan Pierce: Policy Pitch Competition

Sep 27, 2019 0:04:43

Brandan Pierce (MPP '20) describes his work and research with Boston Public Schools in the Office of Human Capital and the goals they are working on such as diversifying faculty/staff for the benefit of the students.

Jonatan Martinez: Policy Pitch Competition

Sep 27, 2019 0:03:11

Jonatan Martinez (MPP '20) describes his internship with the LEAN Team at the Mayor's Office in Detroit, and explains how his own background has sparked his devotion to breaking the cycle of poverty and serving his community.

Brooke Bacigal: Policy Pitch Competition

Sep 27, 2019 0:03:31

Brooke Bacigal (BA '20) talks about her organization (Re)Vive that aims to improve the lives of refugee students by helping them with everyday tasks that can be barriers to these people such as emails, cover letters, and job applications.

Introduction: Policy Pitch Competition

Sep 27, 2019 0:06:56

Director of the Program of Practical Policy Engagement Elisabeth Gerber and assistant director at Graduate Career Services Peter Vasher introduce the 2019 Policy Pitch Competition.

Avril Prakash: Policy Pitch Competition

Sep 27, 2019 0:03:51

Avril Prakash (MPP/MBA '21) discusses her experience working for General Motors in Detroit in their Energy and Environment Team under the Public Policy Center and how her experience has deepened her passion for ensuring equal opportunity in this d

Gerson Ramirez: Policy Pitch Competition

Sep 27, 2019 0:03:42

Gerson Ramirez (MPP '20) speaks about his experience working for Detroit Public Schools Community District and his passion for helping students from disadvantaged backgrounds succeed in their education.

Welcome to the Ford School!

Sep 10, 2019 0:03:53

Learn what our community is looking forward to this upcoming academic year, tips on the best place to eat in Ann Arbor, and sage advice about how to make the most of 2019-2020 at the University of Michigan.

Launching the Weiser Diplomacy Center

Dec 13, 2019 0:00:55

The Weiser Diplomacy Center: The University of Michigan’s dynamic new hub for the study and practice of diplomacy brings to Michigan an all-star lineup of leaders in foreign affairs. 

Strategic Consulting: Engage in Real-World Impact

Aug 8, 2019 0:01:52

Strategic Consulting (PubPol 578) is a semester-long Master’s level course at the Ford School that engages students in a supervised consulting project with a real-world client and provides them with a valuable, engaging educational and professiona

The Ford School in Asia: Seoul

Dec 13, 2019 0:01:15

In May we traveled to Seoul and several other great Asian cities. It was an inspiring and incredibly productive trip. We’ve put together a video that captured the highlights from our time in Seoul. May, 2019.

The Ford School in Asia: Tokyo

Dec 13, 2019 0:01:11

In May Michael Barr went to Tokyo and several other great Asian cities. Here is a video that captured the highlights from our time in Tokyo. July, 2019.

Paula Lantz: 2019 Ford School Commencement

May 9, 2019 0:11:42

Paula Lantz, associate dean for academic affairs and the James B. Judak Profefssor of Health Policy at the Ford School, speaks during the 2019 Ford School Commencement.