Programs & events

The Center for Racial Justice hosts programs and events open to the Ford School community and the public.

The Masterclass in Activism is a widely advertised event series in which the center's director will be in conversation with noted activists and thought leaders who have made significant marks on the policy landscape. The center will feature two speakers each year, one per semester, to participate in the masterclass series. In fall 2021, we were delighted to welcome Dr. Johnnetta Betsch Cole to deliver the Masterclass in Activism.

Global Racial Foundations of Public Policy is a winter speaker series hosted by the Center for Racial Justice, the Weiser Diplomacy Center, and the International Policy Center. This virtual speaker series is inspired by our fall 2021 Racial Foundations of Public Policy. This series will continue to focus on the historical roots and impact of race in shaping public policy within a global context. We will explore topics including American and the colonial project; the role of race in the development of the international relations discipline; race and the foreign policy profession; governance interventions in the “Global South”; and the emergence of a transnational BLM advocacy network. Global Racial Foundations in Public Policy is open to all members of the University of Michigan community and the wider public.