PUBPOL 475.502: Topics: Facilitating Dialogue Across Faultline: Race, Identity and Socio-Cultural Difference

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Fall 2017
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This is a short introductory course module in facilitating complex and difficult dialogic moments of engagement in the social, professional and institutional spheres of the public arena. Its purpose is to provide the possibility for actual engagement with tense social issues and phenomena bedeviling complex societies. It will briefly explore the historical and theoretical contexts, which give rise to sometimes painful and traumatic moments that filter in and color what may otherwise be perceived as simplistic conversations and interactions. It will introduce students–regardless of perceived color, gender, class, or ethnicidentity categorization–to the necessity for transcending their subject locations. In order to facilitate, mediate, and engage in trans-formative moments of learning, dialogue, leadership and communal capacity building with due regard of difference and the respect of mutuality.