PUBPOL 683: Elections & Campaigns

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Fall 2020
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This course can be taken in-person or remotely online.

The purpose of PubPol 683 is to examine campaigns and explain what happens and why.  Remember: There is no policy without victory.   

The Ford School will play a key role in this 2020 Presidential election, because the University of Michigan will host one of the presidential debates. In other words, we will be a part of election history and you will have a front row seat as this unfolds. The study of debates and campaign communications will comprise a key part of our class.

This course will introduce you to the practical side of political campaigning: how to win elections.  There will be a strong emphasis on all political communication, including earned, paid and social media, and crafting and framing a message, as well as speeches and debates.  

In addition, other topics to be discussed include campaign planning and management, polling and research, identifying, targeting and turning out voters, coalitions and interest groups, budgeting and fundraising, the political environment and Get Out The Vote (GOTV) efforts.  This class is a must for understanding the strategies and tactics behind the campaigns.