PubPol 587.003

PubPol 587.003: Public Management: Leading Across Difference

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Fall 2021
Fall 2021
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Policy leadership impacts the lives of all people, everywhere. Creating inclusive and equitable policy is at the core mandate of 21st century policy leaders. This course will explore the urgent topic of leading across difference. This course will provide students with an opportunity to explore how their own identities shape their ability to lead across differences, engaging in effective collaboration across social, cultural and power differences. Successful leaders engender trust, empower others, and create the conditions for more and more varied people to thrive. To be truly inclusive, these leaders act as brokers, leveraging their experiences to help others understand their differences and have productive conversations across divides. Students will complete the Intercultural Development Inventory™ (IDI) and then work through their customized Intercultural Development Plan with activities and self-reflections that developmentally build intercultural competence. Using the Deliberate Leadership™ framework, students will explore case studies of real world policy leadership.