PubPol 750.003

PubPol 750.003: Topics: Racial Foundations of Public Policy

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Fall 2022
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Racial Foundations of Public Policy is a Fall speaker series that focuses on the historical roots and impact of race in shaping public policy as both a disciplinary field and as a course of action. The series invites renowned scholars to deliver virtual presentations on the racial genealogy of public policy and the historical roots and contemporary currents of race in economic, housing, criminal justice, education, and immigration policy. Participants in the series will develop the skills needed to discuss, understand, and inquire about formal and informal racial structures and institutions in which policy is formulated, implemented, and experienced. Undergraduate and graduate students will have the option of receiving one credit for their participation in the series and the accompanying discussion-based course. The course will be offered in partnership with the Center for Racial Justice and will be led by the Center’s Director, Dr. Celeste Watkin Hayes.