PUBPOL 587: Public Management

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Winter 2013
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All three sections of 587 emphasize common themes such as performance management, strategic planning, and inter-institutional network development. But they will offer distinct differences in terms of applied content, reflecting the growing diversity of the FS student body. Indeed the original course was developed at a point when almost all FS students headed to public service in the US federal government. That obviously has changed and so this revised set of offerings is intended to respond to that diversity and give students greater ability to tailor core course selection to their own interests and needs. Winter 2013 sections: Public Management 587.001: Comparative and International Perspectives. Dr. Matthew S. Mingus will focus this section on the use of international case materials and by comparing those cases to the American model of governance. The course should be most useful for students with prior exposure to international systems and those who hope to develop careers focused on multiple systems of governance. Each student will be assigned to a group that will develop an international case for an assigned country. Public Management 587.002: American Bureaucratic Politics. Barry Rabe will teach this section and use public management case material drawn from the federal and sub-federal levels of the United States. The course is designed for students who have prior expertise in American politics and governance and will have a strong intergovernmental emphasis. Public Management 587.003: Non-Profit Organization. Megan Tompkins-Stange will teach this section and use case material drawn primarily from the non-profit sector. The course will consider the evolving role of non-profits in both the United States and abroad. Download Coursemart Audio