PubPol 750.001

PubPol 750.001: Topics: Urban Public Policy through the lens of HBO's The Wire

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Winter 2013
Credit Hours

Often cited as one of the most realistic interpretations of inner-city life, The Wire presents a useful platform for students to engage in an interdisciplinary study of the challenges associated with urban poverty in post-industrial American cities. In this course, we will examine and synthesize the issues of safety and criminal justice, poverty and inequality, power structures and political processes, educational systems and economic development, gender and family. The goal is for students to "de-silo" these topics, that is, to understand the interconnectivity between seemingly disparate policy areas. Weekly readings (both from the academic and policy literatures and relevant ethnographies) will be coupled with student presentations and discussions with guest scholars/policy practitioners. Students will walk away from this course with an understanding of the challenges that urban policymakers face, along with possible innovative solutions that address these problems. Download Coursemart Audio