PubPol 524

PubPol 542: International Financial Policy

Winter 2022
Tuesday, Thursday
10:00-11:20 am EDT
Course Location
1210 Weill Hall
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This course provides an overview of international financial economics, developing analytic tools and concepts that can be used to analyze world economic policy debates. It covers the international implications of macroeconomic policies, international monetary arrangements and institutions, and stabilization programs for developing countries. The course will be structured around the tools (models) of open economy macroeconomics, using primarily graphs, and occasionally equations. However, motivation for these tools and examples of their use will always be taken from current and recent real-world macroeconomics events and conditions. This course presumes prior knowledge of intermediate microeconomics and graduate standing. Course assignments will include problem sets that involve short essays, data collection and analysis, and problem solving, and a group project that involves an assessment of the macroeconomic performance and problems in a particular country.