PubPol 586.003

PubPol 586.003: Public Management: Performance Management in International Organizations

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Winter 2022
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The Ford School defines leadership as, "the behavioral process of having a positive impact on individuals, organizations, and communities". This course will equip students with the management skills and tools to strategically plan and implement initiatives that further their intended positive impact. The course will adopt an international focus in readings and casework, exploring strategic management for international social impact initiatives within the context of public and non-profit organizations. 

Students will develop and apply an analytical toolkit and set of leadership best practices to manage for positive change, including: mapping their environment, strategic organizational planning, planning for results, and managing for results. In teams, students will create strategic and performance management plans for a public or non-profit organization that furthers a positive impact at the international level. These plans will be submitted as a group memo, and presented during class. Students will also complete an individual leadership reflection paper.

This course meets in the first half of the semester (January 5 - February 22).