PubPol 587.005

PubPol 587.005: Public Management: Working in Diverse Organizations

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Winter 2022
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The workforce of the 21st century is increasingly diverse. Productive managers cannot afford to ignore this diversity, and can benefit greatly from it. Yet we are often nervous about discussing and embracing issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion and many otherwise strong leaders are blind to the ways their own biases might affect their teams. In this module, students will learn about potential blind spots such as unconscious bias and its effects on employee hiring and retention, how the desire to avoid negative emotions might get in the way of productive management, and the dangers of groupthink, as well as learning strategies to avoid or address these problems. The readings will draw on empirical research from social psychology and organizational behavior, as well as real-world examples of diversity issues in the workplace.

This course meets in the first half of the semester (January 5 - February 22).